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Picky Kid to Adventurous Palate

     It's the day after Thanksgiving, so what better time for a Munchies post? A couple weeks ago, I ate sea urchin, not for the first time. And I liked it. A little Uni sandwich from Toro restaurant in Boston. I also ate a lot of other things there, all of it Spanish and delicious and perfectly plated. If you had told 11 year old Maria that someday she would eat sea urchin and like it, that she would order things she could barely pronounce off a menu and enjoy every bite, that, as an adult, she would try any food just once, just in case it turned out to be something she liked, she would have said: "no way, no how, you're crazy, bring me my mac & cheese!"       That last statement is not an exaggeration. Baby Maria would be absolutely APPALLED at the things I eat as an adult. Back then, if it wasn't pizza, spaghetti, mac & cheese, or mashed potatoes, I was having none. of. it. I would suffer through peas and corn, and maybe carrots because my mom always

Too Lazy to Shop

Last month, I did something that felt so bougie, so extravagant and so lavish, that I felt like royalty. It was something I only thought possible in large cities, for the foolishly wealthy. What was it? I had groceries delivered. To my house. On a Saturday. I could have gone to the store; it’s not far. About 17 minutes on a Saturday morning with no traffic. But I didn’t want to. We wanted to cook something, pancakes, I think. But we didn’t have baking powder or syrup. And that was it. That was the moment I downloaded the Instacart app, and prayed to the Gods that someone in this town would deliver groceries to the house. Praise the grocery Gods (is Guy Fieri the new grocery God?), within a couple hours I had groceries at the house. I was impressed with the accuracy and quality, and the fact that I didn’t have go get dressed or leave my house.      Yes, I paid an upcharge on some things. Yes, I paid a delivery charge and had to tip the driver. Yes, my father was looking down from h

Hello & Welcome

Writing has always been a passion for me. It has also always been a good form of release. As an opinionated, Gemini, type-A extrovert, I often need a way to expel all the various things I want or need to share without bogging down those around me. I kept a diary all through childhood, jumped on the Live Journal bandwagon in college (omg, do you guys remember Live Journal!?) and I've always found writing to be therapeutic. I'm even *slowly* plunking away at writing a novel. Maybe more on that later. But for a little while, writing has been missing from my life, or at least, writing that I want to share with others. Some of you may recall that a few years back, I had a blog (A Hip Story). It started as a way to chronicle my hip surgery, morphed into a diary of sorts, though some of you continued to read along with me. Toward the end, it got political, a way to rant my frustrations. I knew that I didn't want to just pick that blog up where I left off. So much has changed sinc