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Travel Hacks for Life on the Road

During Spring and Fall, I pretty much live in my car. My job (which I love) takes me all over the state, and sometimes nationally, from March-June and September- December. I went from an 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. office job for years  to a remote job that is much for flexible and has me working from home when I'm not traveling. Adapting to life on the road was a real learning curve at first, but I loved and still love the fact that no two days are the same, and that I've been able to see so much of my beautiful state. I thought since I've now got road life down to a science that I would share with you some of my favorite travel hacks. Whether you travel on the regular like me, or are planning a road trip sometime soon, or just want some helpful car tips, read on and I'm certain you will find useful information.       Make Your Vehicle Feel Like Home I'm fortunate that I was able to purchase a car I love; her name is Rosie the Rogue and she's the best. But because

4 Low-Carb Swaps That Changed My Life

In case you don't know me very well, it is important that you know that there are four foods that are basically my favorite (though let's be real, I'll eat just about anything): Bagels (Everything or onion) Pizza (Hawaiian pizza is delicious. FIGHT ME) Cupcakes (Any kind. Literally. Any. Kind.) Cookies (same as above) So basically, carbs, carbs, carbs & carbs. Oh, and sugar. Now, I am not about to get preachy and I am not going to go into a ton of detail about my lifestyle shift (I prefer that to "diet") in this post, but suffice it to say that I was strict keto for a few months, starting in August. After about four strict months, I've reintroduced carbs but I have dramatically reduced my intake of carbs to maintain my lifestyle. That's right. The hallmark of the keto diet is low-carb. I have just told you that: a). My favorite foods are all carbs b). I decided to give up/reduce carbs Am I crazy? Yes. Did I know it was going to be hard?

5 Common Grammar Mistakes That Make Your Argument Invalid

For those of you that don't know (which is unlikely), I am what you call...a grammar hound. A former colleague once called me Conan the Grammarian and honestly it's the best. I'm the resident word nerd at my current workplace and editing things is a hobby I truly enjoy. Damn if I don't love a red pen. Grammar, and really spelling and vocabulary are honestly hallmarks of professionalism IMO but also should be part of our everyday conversations. Today at lunch I used the words "eschew" and "amalgamation" fluidly in conversation, which should tell you what my nerd level is. I don't put this out there to brag, and I'm not one of those people who throws around big words just for the sake of doing so. It's just the way I am. And let's be honest, I have to be strong at words because I'm w e a k at numbers and math.  I lay this foundation to clue you in on why this post is necessary. Read on, friends.      I've got a bone to pick wi

The Cost of Getting Sick

Before I dive into today's topic (be prepared for Maria on a soapbox), I have to begin with a point of clarification and an apology. My darling partner, Kilton, read my latest post "Taking the What out of What's For Dinner, Babe?"  and felt as though it made him seem like he expects dinner right when he gets home or that meals are my responsibility. This is far  from the truth. Even before we got good at meal planning, there was never an expectation that I would be the one planning/cooking dinner. Heck, during my busy road season, he's on his own for dinner! We often cook together, or if I prepare dinner on my own, it's because I want to, (or I was working from home that day and wanted him to be able to relax after work) but not because I was expected  to. Anyway, I want to be sure you all didn't misinterpret things and that you understand that Kilton is amazing and we are a well balanced machine. Sorry babe! xoxo      And now we are on to the real meat