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Corona Thoughts From an Extrovert

I know it's been a little bit. When I started this, I wanted to post weekly. At first, it was time. My busy travel season at work had started and  food and sleep were on the agenda primarily. Now, it's anxiety. Until just this moment, I wasn't really inspired to write. What on Earth could possibly be on my mind other than Coronavirus?

I'm not a panic person. I've been through enough crises in my life that my coping skills are excellent. I am a planner. This is where my anxiety is stemming from. I am a full Type-A-sometimes neurotic- perfectionist planner. I live and die by my calendar, I plan ahead. Spontaneous things are fun to me, and I love surprises, but especially where work is concerned, I like to be organized, know what's next etc. Naturally, current circumstances have thrown that all out of whack. A cascade of cancellations:

-Work events I had scheduled at some schools
-Colleges moving online
-National and regional conferences, including a national one I was presenting at in April and bringing Kilton

Not to mention the whole host of others that don't directly impact me. It's weird times, my friends. And as a people-loving, hug-giving, empathetic people person, I am on the s t r u g g l e bus. Social distancing is not my forte. But I'm doing it. I want to protect people. I get that. It doesn't mean I like it.

I'm thinking a lot about my dad. I likely wouldn't be visiting him if he were alive. I'd be more worried and scared than I am now. If there's any silver lining to him being gone, it's that he doesn't have to worry and neither do I. But I am also thinking about his neighbors in the building that I learned to love. Elderly family and friends. Its for them that I am going to practice social distancing. I've always been a bit OCD about hand-washing and disinfecting, but I'll lay low.

Let me know if you're immunocompromised, or your parents or grandparents need something. I want to help. <3 If your campus or school is closed and you and/or your kids are hungry, let me know. I love feeding people.

So, wash your hands, keep it low key, take care of each other. Don't panic. Accept my virtual hug. Be kind.


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