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Skin Care in the Time of Corona

Real talk: quarantine is hard. I am not cut out for social distancing. Ya girl likes hugs. And actual faces. Corona can fuck right off. But, in order to keep my sanity, I'm trying to find silver linings. And I'm baking a lot (check out my last post for some of my favorite recipes), which is probably not the greatest for my waistline. Or my skin. All that fat and sugar will wreak havoc on my skin if I am not careful. And quarantine is the perfect time to start or adjust your skin care routine. I thought I'd share with you my routine and some tips for keeping your skin in good shape.

First and foremost, if you do nothing else that I share with you, I implore you: drink. water.  I know, I know, the whole "outer beauty starts from within" seems very cliche, but where your skin (and your overall health) is concerned, it is true. There are lots of skin types: oily, dry, combination, etc. etc. and external care varies, but no matter your type, hydration is important. Here's a little TMI fact that I'm not too embarrassed to share: as a kid, I used to get UTIs all the time. It was no picnic. When I was old enough to listen to my mother and remember how uncomfortable they are, I started drinking water like a fiend.  So basically, I've been drinking a lot of water since I was about 9 years old. Aside from the obvious benefits of drinking a lot of water, it has definitely made a difference for my skin. My skin type is "drier than the desert", so moisture is the name of the game for me especially, and the first step is to up the water intake.

I drink between 80 and 100 oz of water per day. I know, that sounds like a lot. But it's pretty easy if you make it routine. Get a water bottle you love, refill it every time it's empty. At minimum, take a drink every hour. It will become rote, and you'll start to notice when you have forgotten.

I'm rarely without a water vessel. I have emergency water bottles in the car for when I forget my regular. I cannot stress this enough. Drink water!

Now, for the external care, I'm going to tell you what I use and when I use it. This is what has worked for me. After years of trial and error, not loving certain products, etc. I'm not being paid to talk about them (though, brand guys, if you're reading this, hit a sister up!) though they are just products I love and, equally important, are pretty affordable!

For years now, I have used the Mario Badescu line and Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner Every once in a while, I'll try something else and I end up just coming back to these. In addition to being dry, my skin is also sensitive. In the winter especially, it's downright cranky. I'll give you the rundown of the products and what/when I use them. $24 is the most expensive of the bunch, which is pretty affordable over all.

The real MVPs
Seaweed Cleansing Soap

This I use at night, after make-up remover wipes. I shower at night, so I usually just use it in the shower! It is silky, but has tiny bits of seaweed in it, which is a gentle, natural exfoliant. It smells incredible and makes my skin feel great. I use it at the very end of the shower, and rinse with warm but not hot water. $14.

Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner

At $12 per bottle, this is a godsend. I use it right after the cleanser, but also any time my face needs a little pick me up. It's great for a sunburned nose! The smell is wonderful (it comes in Cucumber scent too, but that one isn't my favorite). If you're going to get one of these products only, get this! It has reduced the redness in my cheeks, and it is much, much less harsh than other toners I have tried. There's no alcohol, so it's not going to dry out already dry skin. Game. Changer.

Hyaluronic Eye Cream

I introduced this into the routine probably about six months ago. I'm of an age where I'm noticing the smile lines around my eyes a bit more, and figured it was time to introduce an eye cream into the mix. I failed to do a before and after eye cream photo, and the jury is still out on how much of a difference this is making. But HA is supposedly the magic bullet where skin is concerned, so we will see. $18

Seaweed Night Cream

You guys. Listen to me. This is the BEST. I used to think using a night cream made me certified old lady, but this is a magical cream. It feels like putting on a fresh layer of skin. It's silky but not greasy, and has the same scent as the cleanser. A little really does go a long way, and your skin will feel amazing. My t-zone is pretty dry in the winter, and this is like a silky, moisturizing Band-Aid. I usually let out an audible moan when I put this on (after cleansing, toning and eye cream), and I don't even care to hears. It feels that great. $22

Collagen Moisturizer SPF 15

This is a product that also comes with a tip. SUNSCREEN. Another key to healthy, youthful skin is sunscreen. The sun does so much damage, and sunscreens that are not built for your face can clog your pores. Every morning, I put this on to start my day. If I use too much, I put the rest on the backs of my hands, which are exposed to the sun when I am driving a lot. Two birds, one stone! It's a great daily moisturizer and the built in sunscreen in a huge plus. Also, collagen is a must for skin maintenance, so another bonus! $24- the most expensive of the bunch, but the sunscreen addition makes it worth it!

That's it! That's the rundown. Now you know. All of the above products can be bought at Ulta, Sephora, Amazon or on their respective websites.

Tell me, what are you doing for your skin? What has been your holy-grail-must-have-worth-the-money product?


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