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Grammar Mistakes The Make Your Argument Invalid; Part Two

Clearly, the internet has learned nothing. And actually, neither have I, because despite knowing that doing so will wildly frustrate and enrage me, I continue to read the comments. I know, I know. I'm a glutton for punishment. But h o n e s t l y. I cannot help it. Those capable of presenting an argument that is cohesive and well put are interesting to hear from; don't mistake me, I am capable of listening to opinions that differ from my own. But, if they are not well articulated, and rife with errors, it is proof that the author is at best unreliable, and at worst illiterate. Now, before we dive into part two, make sure familiarize yourself with part one . In it, I roundhouse kick bad grammar in the face, highlighting such common mistakes as mixing up you're & your, the conundrum that is "alot" (which, spoiler alert is not a word), unnecessary apostrophes, etc. It became clear after that post, that a part two is in order. Y'all have a lot (see what I d

Savings Tips that Saved Me

My dear readers! I hope you are well. Sorry I've been somewhat MIA. This social distancing thing is hard. As an extrovert, I'm struggling. But, I'm managing and I need to remember that writing helps me tremendously. I debated writing about this topic, because I recognize that so many folks are struggling financially right now. I'm very fortunate to still be working full time from home, we're okay. I've even been able to donate to some people and causes I care about which is very rewarding. Most importantly, we have savings. Granted, the majority of that is savings for our house but I've got an emergency fund that I am grateful for. I went from a pretty bleak financial place 3 years ago to a much much more stable situation. Hell, ya girl is even investing! I thought it would be worthwhile to share some tips that helped me build a cushion and invest in future Maria. If you're unable to take these tips now, save them for a time when things are a bit more